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About Us

Cheryl Gottesman
Redeemed Wellness Founder, Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor, Certified POUND Instructor.

I LOVE Jesus, laughter, family, singing, tacos, authenticity & community!

You will find me most often in the kitchen.  I love cooking for my family and friends.  We often times have a house full of people eating, sharing stories, laughing and just enjoying each others company.  That is the way I show the people in my life I love them, sharing a home cooked meal with them.  Added bonus is when friends come over and we cook together.  It’s one of my most favorite things to do.  I also love to sing!  I could possible be the worst singer in the world but I still sing at the top of my lungs.  You may even see a “Cheryl’s Car Concert” on social media.  Check it out if you need a good laugh.

I have not always been an activity person.  My teenage years I was naturally thin and never really remember being taught the value of exercise.  I absolutely neglected my body during my early adulthood years, eating all the greasy, fattening foods, I binge drank all kinds of alcohol and never moved my body.  Into my late 20’s and early 30’s I obsessed over my body.  I tried every Fad diet, took Diet pills, drank all the diet drinks and exercised to the point of exhaustion.   Once I became a Mom I poured every ounce of energy I had into my family leaving nothing for MYSELF.  I made every excuse you can think of, of why I didn’t have time to exercise.

In my late thirties I found my way back to exercise and healthy eating.  In the process of my personal health and wellness journey, God began stirring in me, a heart of love and encouragement for women who are on their own journey’s towards wellness. Then I found Revelation Wellness.  After several months of working out in these worship infused Revelation Wellness classes, I felt God call me to their Instructor training. I responded to that nudge and became a certified Revelation Wellness Trainer towards the end of 2019. 

While walking this journey for myself I came to the realization that fitness is a way that I am able to worship God and I hope to help others realize that we can look at exercise as a GET TO instead of a HAVE TO. We can exercise, move and be active with Joy and as an act of worship towards The Lord.